Delicious dishes of Vung Tau sea

Delicious dishes of Vung Tau sea

More than 120 km from Ho Chi Minh City, the coastal city of Vung Tau is an ideal tourist destination all year round. In addition to swimming and visiting famous tourist spots, enjoying delicious dishes is also a special way of exploring.

Hotpot Stingray

One of Vung Tau's famous dishes attracts any diners who come to the same sea land as stingray hotpot. Stingray is a type of fish that occurs much in the central coastal provinces. Boneless fish, only soft cartilage, is not difficult to turn into many delicious dishes. Cua Dai Beach (Hoi An) is famous for grilled stingray, Vung Tau has a way to make a charming hotpot.

Hot pot dishes with sour bamboo shoots. The sweet sour taste of bamboo shoots with the fat sweetness, the richness of the fish, chewed with the cartilage that is very rough and mouthy. When eating, diners often eat hot when scooping fish out of the pot, adding some spicy chilli sauce. If you want to add vegetables, you can call them with sliced banana or spinach. The most famous stingray stalls in Vung Tau are Truong Cong Dinh street.

Khot cake

Being a popular cake with a strange name, banh khot has become a private brand of Vung Tau land. Scones in small oil panes, small mouthfuls of tea cups. The heart of the cake is white of the powder, sprinkled with a layer of red-crested prawns and chopped green onions. Helping anti-bored dishes will be served with pickles including papayas, carrots, lotus seeds, raw vegetables with just the right sauce.

Famous bakery shops such as Dau Cay Cu Dau, Mien Dong cake shop, Cay Da khot cake shop, Ba Hai restaurant ...


Ever since, vermicelli has become a part of Vung Tau's culinary culture. Simple food, people retire but have a strong conquest power. And the land is strong in fresh seafood, the dish is cooked mainly with shrimp, fish, fresh squid. Making the typical flavor for vermicelli must be indispensable with a little fish sauce, tamarind juice, lemongrass, satay to add to the soup to give up the smell.

As the name suggests, enjoy gun noodle must have a new gun to taste. This wild vegetable is stripped of clean bark and cut into pieces. Vermicelli is a combination of seafood and a variety of vegetables with a bold country like spinach, banana flower, herbs, bean sprouts ... Try once to enjoy the simple taste of vermicelli gun to feel exquisite cuisine of the sea.

Bread soup

Being a popular dish in the South, Vung Tau bread soup still has its own unique flavor. The fiber cake made from filtered flour, soft but not crushed, the broth made from ready-made seafood creates a natural sweetness.

Pork soup cake will eat the same ingredients as rolls, lean sticks ... The most well-known can be mentioned cake shop located on Ba Trieu street.

Egg salt cake

The snack and play cake favored by many office women also originated from the coastal city of Vung Tau. The small, beautiful cake, just eaten, tastes salty with salted eggs with the aroma of butter is just right. The most famous is the strange name bakery "Original Electric Column", impressed with the offer "Not delicious free of charge". Small, beautiful cakes, yellow swords, constantly placed in small boxes by the owner. The cake is light, and sometimes the heat is subtle when eating. This is an ideal gift for those who have the opportunity to visit this land.

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